A Day in the Blitz Office

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There is an interesting phenomena in losing with slower time controls for me. Around the time, when I understand that I am in trouble, but still have time left, I start looking for all sorts of tricks, miraculous escapes or even study-like solutions. Of course this doesn’t do anything – if you think you are losing, well you probably are! But in my opinion, there is a positive side to it – trying to survive makes a great tactical exercise or calculation training. So after a horrible game in the Lichess 4545League, I went on to play some blitz, as I was feeling sharp, and apparently had enough of defending a lost position … And turns out, I had a very fun blitz session! I somehow managed to get so many interesting games and opponents. At some point it felt like every single blitz game is worth some half an hour analysis, or even more. I will share the memorable ones here. Of course, the time control of these games is 5 minutes, so there will be some … inaccuracies.

Game 1: Unexplored Caro-Kann Territory

Not long ago I posted a variation in the Caro-Kann in in our study group’s forums. And for some reason, I managed to play the same variation again! Curiously, this “Uibos variation” in the Caro-Kann is surprisingly one of my more sound “inventions”.

Game 1 extra: The Birth of the Variation

While writing this, I realized what I am going to name my sci-fi chess movie, if I am ever going to take up directing – “The Birth of the Variation”. Anyway, the idea with exd first, and then h3, happened because I got confused if I have to take exd or not … However, it seems all of this offers some good kingside attacking chances. And as I have noticed with the help of a couple of friends, h3 is not always prophylaxis or keeping g4 clear. It prepares also the attack, if necessary.

Game 2: Patzering in the Fischer-Sozin

Now I will share with you my ventures in the Najdorf. Against this certain opponent, my nemesis of the day, I played 5 games. He was strong, I lost 4 of them, and drew one. But most of the games were really fun! Here my opponent fell twice in the opening, but managed to win later on. He was very fast and good otherwise. But in return, I managed to prove a couple of things in the opening:

Game 3: More Patzering in the Fischer-Sozin

The second act. Objectively I should be very embarrassed to share the game, as it bring such injustice for the sacrifice on e6. And I am, to some extent, but it was, of course, a very interesting game.

Game 4: Attacks in the King’s Gambit

Ok, since I should probably make at least some effort to disguise my inner patzer, I will keep the two painful losses the only losses I will show. To at least preserve some of the readers. So I proceed with a nice miniature in the King’s Gambit as black. To be honest, this Modern Cunningham defence works quite good for me in the King’s Gambit and is the main reason why I don’t fear the opening as Black. There are, of course, other defenses too, such as early g5 etc, but the Modern Cunningham I feel natural to play … and the Bishop’s Gambit is likely to transpose into these lines too.

Game 5: The Occasional Swindle

I started my blitz session today with actually a swindle. Since it seemed to have an impact on my later playing, I will share it here. My capability of swindles is actually a huge contributor to how I do in blitz. Some days, when I start losing, it’s basically over. Other days, well I bring some of the points back from Hades. To be honest, swindling can become very fun too, if you try to ignore the fact that you are blatantly losing.

Game 6: Unfinished Business

And now we come back to my old nemesis, The Trump. Now I had played four games with him already. Two games I lost from the Najdorf positions, one game I lost as white because of an optimistic sac on b5. And fourth, my brain doesn’t really want to remember. I don’t want to check either, could be something very ugly. Anyway, I rarely play d4 e5 these days, as I am trying to rehabilitate myself from it, but here I was quite fed up with Mr Trump. So I returned to my big guns.

Game 7: The Finale

And now for the finale! This game features one of the prettiest combinations I have played in a while in blitz! Not only it was against a fairly strong opponent, I also got my new Blitz peak with 2089! And I actually finished the day with breaking 2100, making it one year and two months between me breaking 2000 and 2100. Anyway, here it is:

Thank you for reading. I will also mention, that his was written with a slight tongue in cheek manner, I do not mean any disrespect to my opponents. Quite the opposite!

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