Andre Uibos

English, Estonian


I started online coaching in August 2016, working with only one student at a time because of my studies, but now I have more time available, and would like to offer my services to a couple more people. So far, I have been putting emphasis on providing a fully personalized plan for chess improvement. I would also mention that I am most comfortable working with players under 1700 FIDE. My coaching style puts emphasis on the middlegame and especially how it connects with the opening and endgame (holistic approach). As I have mostly improved as an adult, the methods I teach are the same ones that helped me improve my game. As a basis, I use a lot of the Soviet Estonian chess material written by Paul Keres and his companions. However, as my friend keeps repeating, there are many ways to Rome in chess improvement, and finding the right approach will save a lot of time. I am willing to put in work to tailor a suitable approach to each student.


Free introduction lesson to anyone interested!

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