Torture Puzzle No. 2

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A series of calculation exercises.

The “Torture Puzzle” series is designed to discuss different puzzles which I have encountered on and found more difficult than others. Difficult puzzles make for good calculation and visualization exercises!

First, the position is given without any analysis. NB! The reader should then stop and try to solve the puzzle. Afterwards the analysis is presented. Good luck with the puzzle!

This puzzle was rated 2000 Standard on I found it highly enjoyable, but devilishly difficult. It had this real game feel to it, so I thought I would share it. I consider puzzles which have a more ambiguous solution to be good training for slow (OTB) chess.

White to move and win!

Do not continue any further if you don’t want to see the solution yet! I will provide a random chess-related picture as a buffer.

Here is the great Bent Larsen, the man, who’s name sounds like a medical condition.

Analysis on an interactive chessboard:

Hope you enjoyed!


Light Analysis: Peculiar Benko!

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This is the third post from the series of posts which discusses games from the Lichess 45+45 League. The game was played on the third board and I found this game quite instructive: the opening phase provides with some nice material on Benko, Benoni ideas, and it has a nice tactical finish (also instructive!). So let’s get right to it.

I hope the reader found the game interesting and until next time!